Review: The ONE Hotel, Legian, Bali

How to reach The ONE Hotel, Legian, Bali:

Legian Road is a one-way road. You’ll spot The ONE Hotel after Love F Hotel (Stayed here for several times, but haven’t got the review material. Soon, my love, soon.) on your left. If you happen to see Ground Zero Monument on your left (which is unlikely since The ONE is large enough to be noticed), you’ve missed it. The map below shows the location in opposite direction.

Stayed in:

2017, second semester.

The stay:

The ONE Hotel, Legian is ONE of my top-three priority in Bali. A 4-star hotel for a very reasonable price, right in the heart of Legian, packed with fancy breakfast and Starbucks just before the lobby… uuhh… just too good to be true! Here’s my room:

They also provide handbody lotion dispenser, liquid handsoap, and bathrobe! Not all 4-star do that certainly! 

As I always say in every hotel review: we define a hotel by its breakfast.

The breakfast:

The ONE Hotel, Legian didn’t bargain on the breakfast, and that’s awesome! They served everything I expected: Cheesy mash potato, fine granola and cereal, waffle and pancake with respectable topping, gah… 


  • An accountable 4-star hotel with real facets, enough said.
  • Distinguishable location
  • Noteworthy breakfast
  • A ‘swimming pool’ where you can actually swim.
  • Roomrate!


  • The lobby and restaurant is designed as a semi-enclosed space, so it’s hot..
  • Hotels in the vicinity ban online transportation service. So, think it through.

The verdict:

I hardly find any disapproval to stay at The ONE Legian Hotel. For your information, my stay costed US$ 30 (US$ 1 = IDR 15.000) /room/night. Wasn’t that a very good deal??? Mentioning those food and facility? I’m staying again, definitely!

the one legian hotel breakfast
Here’s pancake and waffle, topped with unsalted butter, just for you!
of 100 for the hotel!

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