The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor

Review: The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor

How to reach The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor:

While Kebun Raya Bogor is always on your right, turn left after Ramayana Department Store to a one-way road. The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor will be on your left after 2-3 minutes drive (no traffic jam).

Stayed in The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor:

July 2017.

My stay roomrate in The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor:

IDR 620,000/night, tax & services included (forgot the exact price).

The stay:

All I can say about my stay here is terrific! I had a really great short private escape at The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor. Got a free upgrade, so my room had a balcony with city-view. The moment I arrived, The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor’s exterior served me right as an city-oasis. Have a look:

As I always say in every hotel review: we define a hotel by its breakfast.

The breakfast:

You could only access the restaurant once for every breakfast time. I was warned by the receptionist, because I would sip another coffee after checking the pool (I had my meal). Maybe The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor management are cautious for people who packed the food. LOL.

But then, I ATE A LOT! One of the cereal is Koko Krunch, so it’s nice (You know what I mean). The melting butter and cold honey on top of the waffle.. mouth-watering. Choice of cheese I didn’t understand but sure bringing the whole delicacy as an option.


  • Marvelous, the breakfast was varied and tasty! The love-shape waffle was lovely. Facilites including mini-gym were great.
  • Golden location, since you can walk down the street and find many, many Bogor-authentic food stall and restaurant, including the infamous Asinan.
  • Reasonable price for a 4-star with such breakfast and ambience.


  • They served traditional coffee, I think, and it tasted not quite right for me.
  • The staff was friendly but too strict, I guess. That smoking guy, me walking to-and-fro to the restaurant. Well, Garuda Indonesia got the Best Aircrew Award for a trick, right?
  • It was occupied a lot, including weekdays (It has meeting rooms). So, don’t expect a silent atmosphere.

The verdict:

You’ll never stay wrong in The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor! Put a coffee table at the balcony and it will be perfect! I indeed had a extraordinary time in The 101 Hotel Suryakancana, Bogor Definitely gonna go back!

of 100 for the hotel!

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