Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali

Review: Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali

How to reach Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

From the airport, make your way to Lippo Mall Kuta across St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. You should meet a roundabout and turn right just before you arrived. Instead, take left after the roundabout. Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali will be on your left.

Stayed in Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

November 2017.

My stay roomrate in Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

IDR 304,299/night, tax & services included (Got a discount here)

The stay:

I booked it one day before, so I wasn’t expecting a hot deal. I arrived about 6 p.m. after exploring Bali, craving for that hot shower, hazy lights, and a warm big blanket. Websites show Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali as a 4-star hotel. Since my stay costed only about 24$, I couldn’t wait to verify. Here’s how Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali looks like:

As I always say in every hotel review: we define a hotel by its breakfast.

The breakfast:

It’s an all-you-can-eat, just like most 4-star hotels. I mingled to see the whole breakfast menu of Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

I expect more from a 4-star hotel. With a minimum choice, I started my day with these:

My Solaris Kuta Breakfast
The taste was nice actually, especially the salad and sauted potato.


  • TV channels, room slippers, and AC in¬†Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali were fine. Nevertheless, I was quite surprised by what I found under the desk:
solaris room
It’s not mine. Maybe the staff didn’t see it.
  • I was excited by that sofa they provide in every room, it was comfy.
  • Few steps to Jerman Beach.


  • Poor choice of breakfast, they didn’t do well for the western.
  • Need to work on that mint tea welcome drink.

The verdict:

The near-beach location and the reasonable price make Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali got into the game. Personally, I would rate it as a 3-star, no hard feeling. I’d totally recommend you to stay at Solaris Hotel, Kuta, Bali, if you would like a not-too-noisy stay at Kuta.

of 100 for the hotel!

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