Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang

Review: Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang

How to reach Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang:

So, Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang is located on the side of Gereja Road. Gereja is “Church”, mentioning the hotel is right across the St. Theresia Cathedral of Padang Diocese.

Stayed in:

September 2018.

My stay roomrate:


The stay:

I did not get much time to spend on the hotel. So, allow me to show just the hotel room and the breakfast variant of the Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang:

As I always say in every hotel review: we define a hotel by its breakfast.

The breakfast:

Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang was focusing on local variants. To be honest, they tasted better than the western (If any). Two hilarious things I found: (1) if you pay attention to the second photo in the portrait carousel below, they wrote the sunny side-up eggs as “Sunny Setup”. I am wondering if there’s the “Rainy Setup” or “Cloudy with a Chance of a Storm Setup” #chessydrumhit (2) they served chocolate milk, and I was quite dissapointed it was not Ultr* milk brand (that’s the best one in Indonesia, I believe. Who agrees?


  • Strategic location, as you are staying at a hotel in the heart of Padang city. You won’t have any trouble finding public transportation. Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang is also well-known by the locals.


  • There was this friend of mine who said the hotel was spooky, mentioning how log the hotel has been around in the city. I rather use the word ‘historical’. Still, I was having no trouble to sleep. Yet, some old furniture need to be replaced to keep Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang classic but perceived well-maintained.

The verdict:

Kyriad Bumiminang Hotel, Padang is perfect for business trip. The hotel would serve you well starting from the room to breakfast. I like the design; how they align the swimming pool just right after the restaurant area.

of 100 for the hotel!

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