Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo

Review: Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo

How to reach Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo:

Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo is around 15 minutes by car from Komodo International Airport. It is located remote from the city, thus it is perfect for you who loved to pull yourself from the crowd.

Stayed in:

September 2018.

My stay roomrate:


The stay:

This is my first stay in Jayakarta hotel chain. I heard about the luxury a lot before, and it’s time for me to experience it myself. There are two things I love from Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo: the concealed location and the outdoor facilities. Here’s how Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo looks like:

My room has the hill view, and although it’s not as expected from a sea-side resort, it’s not bad, actually, to see the brownish green landscape the moment you wake up.

Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo provides several interesting up to must-try outdoor facilites, ranging from swimming pool, kids playground, man-size chess, up to the private beach! They are so tempting you may want to postpone the hopping island tour you reserved!

As I always say in every hotel review:
we define a hotel by its breakfast.

The breakfast:

I appreciate by the variety of fresh fruit Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo served. Other than that, the western variant and the local menu are just fine.


  • Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo is a secluded resort. The upside to it, it’s suitable if you feel like just relaxing in the vicinity and not going out to explore the city, which is quite far from Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo.
  • The whole resort is designed in consideration of what the sea-adventurer would like. Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo optimized the sea-side location with the mentioned outdoor facilities.


  • Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo is a secluded resort. While yes, it has its upside, the downside is you would need a vehicle to go outside. Just exiting the resort by foot would take quite effort!
  • The bathroom has no door, but curtain. Although the curtain might do the job after you close it neatly and rechecking it for a while if any peeking spot is left; the curtain might give uncomfortable bath time for anyone with trust issue. LOL.
  • The television is well, old. A flat-screen TV as provided in even two-star hotels in cities of Java might not hurt the management to upscale the rating. I’m just saying, but international channels provided is best enjoyed with bigger and flatter screen. Am I right?

The verdict:

Stay at Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo if what you are looking for is a resort that could provide anything for the whole day. Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo has restaurant, facilities, and I’m quite sure that will do the day. Jayakarta Hotel, Labuan Bajo also offer the in-house hopping island tour if you are lazy to search for it online. 

of 100 for the hotel!

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