Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali

Review: Frangipane Villa, North Kuta, Bali

How to reach Frangipane Villa, North Kuta, Bali:

Whether you walk or drive, look for these landmarks:

– Kopi dan Roti Cafe (Airbnb won’t share the actual address before you settle your stay.)

gang keker frangipane
Took this photo from Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali ‘s front gate. When you see this surrounding, just look for a cleaved passage nearby

– Guardian Pharmacy would be across.

Ultimo Italian Restaurant is 8′ on foot, but the route’s quite tricky if you’re riding a two-wheel or a car (The 8′ on foot route is narrow). Make sure you check the vehicle route (not on foot) on the navigation app.

You may use the Google Map below to reach it, or just search “Gang Keker nomor 45”.

Stayed in Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali:

2017, second semester.

My stay rate in Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali:

IDR 741,782/night, services & tax included.

The stay:

We couldn’t park our car inside (There’s enough parking spot for one) because the gate just wouldn’t fully open. The host said it’s safe to park outside, so, no problem (I checked for the car several times; citizen of metropolis issue. My bad).

Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali has great design. It combines secluded concept and homey sense well enough. Take a look:

Let’s go directly to the pros and cons of Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali.


  • The overall design -once again- is marvelous! It’s not a local house rented as a villa, but a dedicated private staying spot, groomed for leisure only.
frangipane villa interior
  • I haven’t been able to locate Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali based on spacial knowledge yet (What I’m trying to say is: I can’t go back to Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali without any navigation help. LOL), but based on Google Map, it has strategic location to some infamous restaurant and tourism object. Adequate tourism booklet provided.
  • The portable modem served an extremely swift wi-fi!
  • A private pool, high-speed internet, nice location, fine AC for anticipated scorching weather, all under US$ 100.
  • Restaurant, salon, cafe, pharmacy, and 24-hour convenience store in the vicinity.


  • Mosquito! There’s too many of them! They visited us, day and night. The provided repellent didn’t work at all. It may be related to the gardening: Tall grass, lack-of-maintenance plants (Which I observe, planted for decorative purpose), making it perfect for their home-sweet-home.
  • Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali ‘s plunge pool is… well, a plunge pool. The pool staff had just arrived and cleaned it the moment I was arrived (early check-in). It’s not an exciting plunge due to inoperative pool pump, absence of instagrammable photo property like I saw at those girls’ posts (at another villa, I mean).
frangipane villa private pool
  • No TV. It’s a bummer when you brought your parents along. “We have nothing to do, there’s no TV!” You’ll embrace the idea if you’re staying with spouse or kinfolk.
  • No bidet.
  • No breakfast.

The verdict:

Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali suits perfectly for gathering need (2 double bed, separated bedroom, 1 sofabed). It’s a private villa which isn’t too far from the Airport, Seminyak, Kuta, compared to villas in Ubud. Just bring an extra mosquito repellent, and of course, a well-prepared itinerary beside indulging Villa Frangipane, North Kuta, Bali.

of 100 for the villa!

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