Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali

Review: Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali

How to reach Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

Turn right before Beachwalk Shopping Centre on that Kuta Beach one-way road. Follow the narrow gang (souvenir stalls on your left side) up to a left turn. Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali is on your right. It’s all one-way road to Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali.

Stayed in Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

June 2017.

My stay roomrate in Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

IDR 390,422/night, tax & services included (Got a discount here)

The stay:

I booked for an early check-in. Since I arrived on 12.00 p.m., the receptionist kindly asked us to wait for the housekeeping while sipping the welcome drink.

The squash was great actually

We booked two room in Dekuta Hotel: one for my parents, one for me. At first, we both complained about the dusty floor and smelly toilet. “We’ve cleaned the room,” the agile housekeeping boy redo the whole mopping kindly. I was pretty sure it was the mob which stinky; my room was even stinkier now. I opened the terrace door, letting the wind took care of it for about ten minutes. Soon, I tried to enjoy the atmosphere. Here’s what Dekuta Hotel ‘s room like:

Superior Room – Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali

Later on, my dad still felt unsatisfied with the room. He left to negotiate, and we did it: Dekuta Hotel is giving us a free upgrade to Superior Double Room. The main difference is there’s bath tub. Worth it!

This time, the room is fine. No mysterious smell. We moved from 3rd to 2nd floor. Here’s my room:

As I always say in every hotel review: we define a hotel by its breakfast.

My breakfast in Dekuta Hotel, Kuta, Bali:

Nebula Cafe served as the breakfast spot. It is easily noticeable since it’s the front part of Dekuta Hotel. When you arrived, the waiter would lend you the menu. Yes, that means, you won’t take your breakfast by yourself. You’ve only one chance to order anything for the main course, and that’s it. You are offered coffee/tea/juice too.

Your breakfast options. Don’t mind the price. Thanks Dekuta Hotel management team for sending me the menu via e-mail.

I was worried how one portion of any won’t satisfy me, but let’s try it out. Here are the three of them:

The healthy indulgement, Pitaya Bowl
The All or Nothing (left) and Blueberry & Ricotta Pancake (right)

Pittaya Bowl: I never had a healthier breakfast before. It’s a bowl of total goodness: striped coconut/flakes, slices of watermelon, a peel of sunkist, granolas, and the dragonfruit smoothies. Just before my first gulp, I suddenly recalled those thousand-likes girls in Instagram. This breakfast, so relatable.

The coconut flakes were too sturdy. These stripes gave a fresh variety for the whole bowl, but tenderer coconut would be perfect for the eating.

Blueberry & Ricotta pancake: 20 cm pancake topped with blueberry vanilla scope at 7.00 a.m.? My stomach would be okay. I was astounded, too, by this second dish appearance. Applause for the chef! The pancake is fragrant: remember how that melting butter smells like? The granola and the compote did the sweet-sour-salty balancing.

The All or Nothing: grilled tomato, french baguette slice, sauted mushroom, potato croquette, bacon, a couple of runny yolk, and hollandaise. It couldn’t be more American than this! The breakfast of champion! You could guess how the dish taste just by the photo. The loveable part is the mushroom. It was sauted perfectly the oily appearance only arouses you to crave more.

Closer look to The All or Nothing. Yes, that’s a couple of yolk, broh.

Hence, I should embrace it as a meal. They gave a considerable portion, taste, and appearance for one, and it’s marvelous. The order-it-once breakfast in Dekuta Hotel delighted me.

The pool:

You don’t have much activities at a budget hotel. Yet, Dekuta Hotel provide a decent pool. It was a low season, so I enjoyed most of my pooltime alone. It was 1.5 meter depth, and it’s quite spacious; we may call it a swimming pool rather than an over-sized jacuzzi in other hotels.


That calming ambience of Bali, that unique feeling when the wind blows, being alone in a warm pool. Thank God I’m alive.



  • I had a great escape there. The towel, air conditioner, bedsheet, cable TV, small refrigerator, shower, bath tub were fine. You’ll find no room sandals, laundry bag, or bathroom amenities here (except the soap and the handwash dispensers).
  • I was excited by that extra sofa-chair they provide in every room, it was comfy.
  • The spacious terrace: You could dry clothes and towel (There’s a hangar), another couple of chair, a coffee table are there, perfect to sip the free coffee/tea (There’s a hot water pot).


  • They left the top-to-toe soap dispenser empty.
  • Another thing that might bothering is the window wooden blind. Eventhough it’s a lovely idea: sunshine penetrates through the blind and wakes you up in the morning; A middling windblow would waved the blind it stroke the terrace door; The bang thundered all over the room and shocked me a couple times whenever I left the door opened.

The verdict:

Spacious room with terrace, well-served breakfast, near-beach location, and the reasonable price. I’d totally recommend you to stay at Dekuta Hotel, especially on low-season.

of 100 for the hotel!

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