Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT

Review: Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT

How to reach Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT:

It’s not a big deal for local driver. If you start from Eltari International Airport, take the third exit at Frans Seda roundabout (Hypermart would be on your left, first exit). Then turn left at Timor Raya Road. Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT would be on your left side.

Stayed in Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT:

2017, second semester.

My stay roomrate in Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT:


The stay:

This Archipelago International member is known for its standard in hospitality. My review would be focusing on “How does Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT ‘s room look like?” and “How do they differ the breakfast in each city?”.

 Here’s my room:

Fifth photo: Razor is not complementary, though: IDR 10.000 (US$ 65 cent) each. By the way, I admired the soap bar they provided. It’s so thick it would manage a week (?)

As I always say in every hotel review: we define a hotel by its breakfast.

The breakfast:

Thumbs up for the variety. Despite the western basic, they introduced the local dishes too. Everything is fine and ensured to the standard. I found weird waffle and pancake at several hotel, including in Bali (International gateway should serve international standard, full stop). Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT didn’t disappoint me.

You may enjoy your rich breakfast indoor, or outdoor. I’d prefer the latter since I couldn’t resist breakfast by the sea:

Some guest were just too lazy to go back inside to refill. Hence the outdoor WTC (Water, Tea, Coffee) corner:


  • Everything you expect from Archipelago International Group would be here in Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT.
  • Breakfast by the sea brought a new level of refreshment for the guest, including various ambrosial international and local dishes.


  • The free shampoo and shower gel isn’t adequate for two, even for a night stay. But I’m pretty sure the housekeeping wouldn’t mind.
  • Free razor would be nice.

The verdict:

In my opinion, only venturesome tourist would explore Kupang rather than Bali, Labuan Bajo, and Lombok Praya. You’re going to need a well-known, safe, and comfy room to brace your journey. Aston Hotel, Kupang, NTT would be one of my main suggestion.

of 100 for the hotel!

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