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Company Event Recording

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Short-movie Production

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Dear visitors, a list is a list. We did not meant to put some things at the list edge to tell people we are not too good on those points (Photography, etc.). *grin* Thank you for reading anyway! 🙂
Kevin Sanly Putera
Project Manager of KSPB Services

We are pretty sure that number matters..

cities in Indonesia served
film made
artwork we honestly lost count
web & social media handled
wrapped outing & training

*the recap of completed and on-going projects since 2013.


  • Company who needs fully-customized video, design, and training; not just some common branding with mainstreamed shots and talks. Some management preferred to let us decide how we translate their needs to those things. Gratefully, they were contented.
  • Figures who are taking personal-branding seriously. Not just professional, we actually handled some youth!
  • Social organization and low-budget needs. KSPB Services would ask your budget first. Not that we don’t have the price list. We would like to consult your actual need and how much you should invest! Money saved, your trust in us, too.
  • Deadliners. One of our client once asked us to produce a 3′ animated video in two days. We done it in a day. KSPB Services is aware about your urgent needs, especially in presenting your company; project; TOR, in style, they’ll have no idea how you prepared it all!

We believe people could keenly identified our work in fresh writings and experience. Instead of typing our knowledge about DIY videography tips, we practice it to show you that we are your first and only option. Those personal touch in every articles, photos, videos, that’s how we will actually work with you.

Text us. Tell us. We suggest. We consult. You decide. We start.

Some CEO, trainer, and HR thought we are being unprofessional because we asked about their budget on the first place; until they were aware that ‘bold diagnose’ results in ‘complete curing’.

We are talking about artwork: something fully-customized, on varied deadline and difficulties: something that we specially build for you and you only, that will not be made for others in similar result, condition, and needs. Yes, we are giving that reasonable numbers at our finish line, after you sincerely consult that numbers at the beginning. It’s totally okay..

Gratefully, yes. We started the hasten tour since 2015; and KSPB Services was trusted to shoot, draw, speak, in front of thousand people in The World’s Largest Archipelago.

We might visited your hometown, and our next coffeeshop chit-chat would surely be exciting. (Talk about proximity). Here are some town/city which welcomed us: Pematangsiantar, Gunungsitoli, Teluk Dalam, Bengkulu, Tegalrejo, Purwokerto, Dangkansilat, Tarakan, Malinau, Ruteng, Kupang, Weetebula, Saumlaki, Fakfak, and Prafi. Which is yours?

Company profile, short-movie production, and company-event recording. Share us your target through the clips, we will perform accordingly, Full HD.

Company logo and website. They loved our artwork for its simplicity and meaning, especially in introducing your brand through logo. Interesting first glance is a must.

About website, we are focusing on CMS; our website might be your prior reference.

One more, it’s textile. We design and produce it (See next question).

Well yes! We tailored thousand of tee, polo, and uniform. KSPB Services has those proficient tailor. Customized design, color, size, quantity, and material, all calculated to a firsthand price. You’ll definitely get a competitive and reasonable price.

We handle any fabric product and merchandise (Large quantities only. How large? Text us.)

Awesome feeds with awesome caption. We define awesome not in common blogger way, but as a designer and journalist.

Fun outing. We admonish communities who reach us and asking for skill-forging session in their ‘fun’ outing; it may gone farrrr from fun!

It’s totally okay to take off that suit for a while; throwing that water balloon to your manager and having that full-sweep overjoyous smile in the wefie! (Any dismissal or early retirement is not our responsibility).

They loved us because we don’t share those certified and professional materials, but because we managed to convince them to have fun and they’re on!

Outbond games, indoor games, fellowship songs, colossal fun battle, let’s rock the weekend!