About KSPB Services

Kevin Sanly Putera
"Hello world, have a wonderful day!" - KSPB Services, Indonesia

So, shall we start about us? 2013 was a magnificent year as we started our small team to provide fully-customized video product and graphical design. Based in Jakarta, KSPB Services offers the services to fulfill your marketing and branding needs. While some wise guy prefer to print those piles of SOP, we convinced dozens to ‘camera-rolling-action’ it! The power of moving pictures: compelling, yet meticulous. It’s about sense of excellency!

Thus, we decided to expand our service to design companies attribute. From those tiny merchandise to crucial clothing, we helped adequate people in translating their thoughts to color and shapes. Better, we are exclusively available to finish an urgent task. Ah.. that breath-taking day.. 10 minutes for satisfactory design? We can, we care.

The next thing we would like to consider is the front-liners: website, social medias, news. KSPB Services have those journalist, PR manager, and code-engineers in the party. To convince customers is to convince ourselves: we are truly an exceptional company. We don’t want to start slovenly, do we?

“Great, now we got our own website, social platform, merchandise, uniform, promotional video, company profile. We are ready!”

Hold on. Let’s check on your team. Have you mastered skills such as public speaking, copy-writing, photography, videography, or design? Yes! We prefer you to continue these masterpiece! It’s your company after all! No worry needed, KSPB Services provides friendly mentor to share those soft-skill and hard-skill. Your team is your family, that’s why you better text us to have a team-building session. More smiles in the coming office days won’t hurt anybody, right?

Hence, KSPB Services is focusing to be the multinational one-stop branding solution. We believe those mentioned aspects are the essential parts for your brand to reach the top: videography, design (including website and clothing), social media management, and human resources development.

Please do not hesitate to let us know. Your questioning is free of charge. Tell us your favorite coffee shop, let’s meet up, let’s chit-chat like an old kinfolk, and shake our hand as we succeed together.

So, what about you? Because we'd love to know more!



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